The Human Domain of Cyber: Islamic State's Asymmetric Information Campaign

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Oren, E. (2020). The Human Domain of Cyber: Islamic State’s Asymmetric Information Campaign. Global Insight: A Journal of Critical Human Science and Culture, 1, 1–14.


The purpose of this report is to broaden the impact of military and legal measures against Islamic State and global affiliates through a counter information campaign in the Human Domain[i] of Cyber. The Human Domain of Cyber is defined as the human domain in the operational environment and the intersection with technology. This report utilizes Cyber Humanics® advanced tradecraft to create recommendations for NATO Member and Partner nations on countering Islamic State's online asymmetric recruitment of foreigners on social media. Cyber Humanics® is the advanced tradecraft and methodology to holistically study and analyze contemporary medias, data technology, and the human element in the digital sphere.

All recommendations are based on social media analysis of Islamic State's multi-dimensional online recruitment materials in Russian, Turkish, French, and English examined on two levels: (1) the organizational level, referencing materials officially published by the Islamic State; and (2) the individual level, analyzing unofficial content from public Islamic State supporter social media accounts.